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1 Johnny Coquet 487044
2 paul l 476606
3 Barak 462579
4 lgangzi 458617
5 mumun7 431472
6 lgangzi1 424338
7 mumun sunay 421734
8 Cassie 419175
9 Cassie 2 415935
10 Cassie 3 415150
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Reaction Road Game

A good driver reacts to the road, staying safe by staying alert. Test your skills to the limit and enter ‘Reaction Road’ for a chance to win an exclusive driving experience*. Be prepared to test your reactions as you are confronted with a number of driving scenarios.

How good a driver are you and how will you fare on 'Reaction Road'? The top six entrants on the scoreboard will win a driving event day which will test your skills to the limit with skid control and challenges and driving dynamics. *

* Terms and conditions apply